Sunday, October 3, 2010


My name is Nor Masdiana binti Abd Rahman. I was born in Terengganu but I stay in Perak. I am a student of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris in Biology Education. I am expected to graduate in 2013 as I am now in my second year of my study.

I choose to further mys studies in education as I really hope to deliver my knowledge to others and why I choose Biology because from my view, Biology is a field of Science which is very close to us and it is one of the most important knowledge for us to know since Biology allow us to discover every single thing of life as early as human development and from a simple but important thing such as the cells.

I am not only have specialization studying Biology here since I am required to have minor subject and I choose  Living Skill to fulfill the requirement. This combination of Biology and Living Skill does look weird since they are two very different field of study. But, after I start studying, it is not as weird. Eventhough it do need a lot of patience and hardwork since I have to re-schedule my time table as I need to spare some time in workshop, but it is an interesting job doing something that you will absolutely apply in your everyday life and I really enjoyed my moment doing those work and this situation makes me learn how to manage my time wisely and allow me to be a versatile person.

I hope that i will be one of the educator that would give a full commitment in my career and serve my best to ensure that my aim in the education field can be achieve.

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