Sunday, October 3, 2010

Teaching Philosophy

Being an educator, I really hope to deliver my knowledge to students in many different ways as I realize that every student has their individual’s capability to understand every single topic. I believe that every one of my student have their own potential in different field and I will encourage them to excel in their involvement as long as it does not affect their concentration and priority in studies.

            I will make an effort to create an interesting environment in class especially in Biology lesson since teaching and learning process will be more effective when it is conducted creatively. I will use whatever knowledge in ICT that I have in conducting my lesson and use a variety sources instead of only use the textbook. I will first let the students increase their confidence in developing their opinion and understanding before correcting them as I think this method will make the students understand more and the information will last in their memory longer.
            I really hope to increase students awareness on Science not only for them to learn Science as a compulsory school subject but to appreciate Science as an interesting knowledge that always comes out with a prove on every single question.
             Lastly, I hope that students will take my lesson session as a good example not only for the subject but, appreciate the values for them to be a good person

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