Monday, October 4, 2010

Why I Love My E-Portfolio

This semester is the first time for me to learn how to use e-portfolio and I find it very interesting and useful. Here, I want to state several reasons why I love this e-portfolio.

1. I can put any format of my assignment inside. I do not need to worry of the space since it is unlimited.

2. I can make an attachment or link any video or website of my topic and it will make revision easier without any needs to search for it when in use.

3. I am able to share my information with other readers and I can also get the knowledge from others e-portfolio for free unlimited.

4. E-portfolio helps to save the world and our environment since it do not use any paper. It is environmental friendly.

5. No worries on losing my files since it is all in e-portfolio and I have no problems on file managing or bringing a lot of stuff anywhere, it is all in e-portfolio.

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