Saturday, October 30, 2010


Firstly I want to thank Prof. Assoc Dr Sopia Mohd Yassin as she gave the opportunity to me to explore and discover the ICT application that some of them I have never even heard before. Being exposed with all the application makes me realizes how the use of that application makes the learning and teaching process more effective.

            When I was introduced to the module of Engage, Empower and Enhance model, I realize that it is very important for a teacher to first elicit the student prior ideas about the topic that are going to be discussed. By doing this the teacher know what was in their students minds and ideas about the topic and this will make it easier for the teacher to correct their students theories. Empower will of course makes the students understand and give them the information needed for that specific topics. In addition, when the teacher use method that can prove whether the students idea are right or wrong, this will make the students interested to know more. Enhance will increase students understanding as it needs students to apply what they have understand about the topics by applying it into a different situation. This model is very efficient in teaching and learning process of the students.

            But in doing this there are some difficulties since the teacher needs to be very creative to have the idea, what is the best way to elicit the students ideas and how to conduct the empower part. The teacher need to be very creative so that teacher are not giving the students the answer of the problems instead of let them to solve by themselves.

            Data logging is a very modern ways in conducting experiment. By using this application, it will makes the students get the most precise results for every experiment their conduct compared with the conventional ways and this will helps students to understand the experiment based on the theory they learnt. Simulation and modeling is  very good to enhance students understanding since it helps the students to see something very discrete that cannot be seen by naked eyes and even microscope. It will makes students ability of imagine to get better.

            The ICT application is very importance but there is still some obstacle in doing this. Since all of this application needs their own gadget, there are problems when the gadded needed are not in good condition or have been not up to date anymore. And this will affect the class activity. Technical problems also one of the obstacle. Since the teacher are not expert in handling the gadget, this will waste the learning period as time would be use to just set up the gadget. From my opinion, to solve this there should be a special amount of budget for this ICT application. For the technical, teacher should be trained very well before they are allowed to use the application in the class. A team of technician also needs to be provided in schools so that they can help in setting up the gadget.

            Entering this ICT class makes my interest in exploring ICT application increase and I will use everything I have leaned when I start to teach one day.

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